Production Ready

This week we released 2 new headless storefront projects

Each is a migration from a Magento1 CE

The first store sells gift cards and gift boxes for trips to the “Chaîne Thermale du Soleil” and “Compagnie des Spas”.

See the live project!

Our client liked the ability to adapt the funnel, whether there is shipping to handle or not, the built-in labels on products (instead of using a dedicated extension) and the ease of adding specific custom behavior.

The trial was a success and we will now migrate their two main e-shops to Front-Commerce. Delivery is expected by the end of the summer.

The second store sells more than 17000 products for outdoor activities and adventure.

See the live project!

The focus was on the filters, on the design of specific Brands’ pages to which our client has exclusivity, and the availability in physical stores.

For more details of these projects go to our Client Use Cases page.

Interested in being our next project?

Front-Commerce is ready and operational!

The team is now focused on the material to welcome our new integrator partners. We write the documentation, we build a sandbox to test React with GraphQL on an eCommerce theme and we make the installation easier. We can help you make a great eshop like these. Want to know more? Contact us.