Online Demo and Features

The precursor

We and our competitors are all evangelists of the Progressive Web App. We have a single goal: to demonstrate that PWAs, performance and innovation are not just for major accounts. With this technology, all e-shops can become efficient and see their sales increase.

We started the process of creating Front-Commerce in 2015, which therefore confirms it to be the precursor of all Frontend PWA solutions for Magento and now has a significant functional scope. With shops in production since the beginning of 2018, we have a unique functional offer that you can count on.

The demonstration

In order for our visitors to become aware of this functional scope, we have updated our online demo with the Venia catalogue data published by Magento for its demonstrations of their PWA Studio solution.

Some features are easily testable: navigate through the catalog and filter items, create a customer account, make an online purchase with Payzen, lose the password, renew the order, put items in a wishlist,… as well as the display and navigation speed.
However, other features are not visible: for example the multi-store. We would like to point out that Front-Commerce is already multi-store and multi-view (i.e. multilingual).
Those who want to be informed before their visit or testing on our online demonstration, we have listed the features currently supported in Front-Commerce for Magento 1 and 2.

The Theming

Did you know the theme and components override mechanisms ?

The demo you see is based on the standard Front-Commerce theme that is exploitable as a foundation for your projects. This is the reason why very few graphic choices are present on this version.

By installing the Front-Commerce solution, you have a complete PWA tool and also a theme structured in elements (components, atom, page, organism,…) that you can override without having to modify a single line of code. And each component will be used everywhere on your site with the same design.

In addition, each time you upgrade Front-Commerce, you will benefit from the improvements made to the theme (new features, accessibility, performance, browser compatibility) without disrupting anything in your existing design.

This is the mechanism of overriding the theme and its components. And this is another advantage of the Front-Commerce solution over its competitors.

For lovers of documentation about theming:

  • https://developers.front-commerce.com/docs/essentials/extend-the-theme.html
  • https://developers.front-commerce.com/docs/essentials/adapt-theme-to-your-brand.html


From now on, it is possible to create a fast shop with a particularly neat UX integrating the PWA standard. Whether you are an agency, a developer, an e-merchant, you now have the opportunity to stand out and enhance your work and win new contracts / generate more sales while looking to the future with confidence.

Although we distribute Front-Commerce with a commercial license, we provide the full code and technical support. Combined with our functional coverage, this allows you to significantly reduce your integration costs compared to an open-source solution that may not be complete.

Whether it is for information on PWAs, demos, functional coverage or to address your performance, conversion rate or other issues, we will take the time to answer you. Feel free to ask us for a commented demonstration.