Top 10 reasons to go to Headless Commerce - Front-Commerce

Considering adopting a headless commerce architecture?

Discover the top 10 benefits:

1. Limitless frontend potential

With headless commerce, the front-end is decoupled from the back-end. This allows creative teams (UX and UI) and developers to experiment and innovate without stepping on each other’s toes! The back-end constraints are minimal giving teams complete creative freedom.

2. True omnichannel experience

Publish content seamlessly across devices web, mobile, tablet, IoT without limitations. Headless allows you to build a front end for a new digital sales channel as and when you need to.

3. Cost efficient

Flexible tech stacks save you replatforming costs. A headless CMS reduces engineering costs. Easily add new sales channels & increase in conversion rates to improve ROI. An experience or content led frontend experience will reduce advertising costs.

4. Agile at scale

Remain competitive by evolving your platform and site as and when your needs change without a complete overhaul.

5. Flexible Marketing

Respond to opportunities quickly, explore new integration solutions without substantial investments, publish personalized content across multiple channels easily.

6. Faster time to market

Deploy digital updates or content as & when you need to without affecting every part of your platform.

7. Personalized customer experience

Leverage the customer data stocked in your backend to deliver a frontend experience that matches your customers’ needs.

8. Compose your commerce

Headless is the foundation you need to move towards composable commerce: a modular approach that assembles a customized tech stack of best-in-breed solutions for each of your unique business needs. More on composable commerce.

9. Easier multi-site management

A decoupled architecture allows you to publish multiple websites using different servers/cloud and technology for each.

10. Performance

A streamlined e-commerce architecture speeds up page loading times and site performance overall.

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What is headless commerce?

Top 10 benefits of Headless Commerce in a nutsehell

  • Limitless frontend development potential
  • True omnichannel experience
  • Reduce costs, increase conversions
  • Agile at scale
  • Flexible marketing actions
  • Faster time to market
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Compose your own commerce tech stack
  • Easier multi-site management
  • An overall better website performance

Is Headless commerce the right step for your ecommerce?

Every eCommerce has different needs, and those needs are evolving faster than ever right now. The onslaught of the Covid pandemic showed us just how important it is to remain agile and flexible in this day and age. The advantages of separating your front-end from your back-end (or becoming headless) are numerous. But the most important takeaway is that both customers and businesses will benefit from this move. Not only will your teams, services and platforms remain agile, you will be able to improve your customer experience, employee relationships and move more quickly.

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Are you a B2B business and unsure whether headless commerce is for you? Learn more about the advantages of headless for B2B commerce.

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