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To control operations online and offline, you need an infrastructure provided by Cloud commerce platforms. It is now possible for retailers to centralize the different technologies they use within a single solution. This approach is not only a way to enhance the efficiency of the website, it is also a way to have a deeper customer understanding, and improve their experiences.

Reduction of the time to market and total cost of ownership, extensibility and more; cloud commerce solutions are definitely the answer if you wish to develop your website’s digital experience.

A unique solution that can enable retailers to consolidate and control their data, collecting it and managing it in one place. It means that you can now focus on managing your business instead of the technology.

Meeting Customer Expectations

Data, strategy and technology is the combination you’re searching for in a business intelligence solution. These three features will help you improve your operations, permit data-driven decisions and are a guide to know more about your customer.

Cloud commerce platforms mix first and third party customer data, behavioral data and content around the shopping context making your eCommerce more agile. Algorithms with automatic learning abilities interweave and adapt to changing consumer behaviors in real time. And what could be better than that?!

You probably already know that ecommerce websites are expanding at a fast rate. Shopping trends come and go faster than ever and digital shopping has increased massively.

McKinsey reported in 2020 that covid-19 had an impact on consumer behaviour. Since the pandemic, visitors expect more from ecommerce platforms. 75% of shoppers prefer to buy on websites that personalize their shopping experience and 66% of customers say that shopping innovation or technology improved their experience. Business Intelligence and an omnichannel approach are therefore a not-to-miss necessity for retailers.

Cloud Commerce: a way to improve your UX

Let’s talk about the six aspects that can describe how unified commerce technology can meet or outperform clients expectations.

1. Cloud Commerce can foresee consumer intentions

AI technology within Cloud Commerce means a chance to predict changes in consumer intent, and then nurture the customer with personalized product recommendations, page design or layout, or content placement. We talked about the one-to-one messaging across all touchpoints: this kind of segmentation permits a personalized service.

2. Cloud Commerce can personalize the shopping experience

Personalization across all channels is facilitated with this technology. How? By capturing loyalty activity and incorporating in-store data with online data.

Every buying journey is unique, which is why making individual recommendations to customers is simply better.

3. Cloud Commerce can harmonize order management and fulfilment

The aim here is to make products easily available for your customers ( and easily available locally as well).

A lot of retailers have multiple store locations, and their fulfilment and order management process is rooted in this particularity. Small ecommerce teams will be the first to benefit from a cloud commerce solution. By adjusting the order fulfilment process to a less centralized distribution center, retailers will be able to increase inventory and order flexibility, enabling more stores to fulfill orders more quickly.

4. Commerce can personalize and segment your activity into categories

You may be one of these retailers that sell highly specific or seasonal products or services. A machine-learning driven approach that adjusts to many variables is what you need. Testing, segmentation and recommendations can reduce the time required to manage personalized UX. Visitors that have different needs or urges, like the one who speaks different languages, can now have a better experience.

5. Cloud Commerce can provide unsurpassed extensibility

The customization of the ecommerce platform is a way to adjust to every single one of your customers and their needs. You can quickly add new features and capabilities to your websites to reach a complete and unique platform and digital experience. We can also underline the fact that it reduces the total cost of ownership as well as the time to market.

6. Cloud Commerce offers a complete solution

With a singular SaaS solution, you can attain industry-leading capability with a single platform. Your data will be consolidated and simplified, which means more time to manage your business, and less time taking care of your technology.

Take control and gain power with Cloud Commerce

Font-Commerce is a headless technology that helps you achieve your goal while respecting and enhancing the ones of your customers. You should talk with one of our experts to benefit from a personalized and unique solution for your e-commerce.