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What’s inside?

  • M-commerce vs E-commerce: What’s the difference?
  • The benefits of mobile commerce for retailers
  • 5 ways m-commerce is already evolving
  • What is the future of mobile commerce?
  • M-Commerce and PWA, a match made in heaven
  • How a high-performance front-end will help you be more mobile-friendly
  • What to keep in mind for the future of m-commerce
  • Infographic: The state of M-commerce

Retail is going mobile. Are you ready?

Retail is evolving fast. From a once entirely physical industry, retail has gone online and seen huge success. The pandemic hugely helped the adoption of e-commerce, but now retailers must put mobile users first and adapt their online strategies to prioritise m-commerce.

6.6 billion people now own a smartphone. That’s over 83% of the world’s population. In 2024, 43% of all online purchases will be made on mobile.

The latest research from Front-Commerce analyses how a mobile-first strategy can help deliver the right customer experience.

In our e-book: M-Commerce, the Ultimate Guide, learn how the modern consumer behaves in a mobile-first environment and how to create business growth with a digitally innovative strategy.