Holiday Ecommerce Strategy Guide - Front-Commerce

Prepare your Holiday E-commerce Strategy for the end of year shopping season

What’s inside?

  • Customer buying behavior
  • The search process
  • Does your UX meets your customers needs?
  • Make sure your web hosting is able to manage traffic peaks
  • Prioritize your mobile user experience
  • E-commerce 12 step checklist for the holidays

Global online holiday sales are expected to reach around $1.2 trillion in 2023.

Despite the retail slowdown, shoppers are nonetheless expected to purchase as usual this Christmas. Here’s a rundown of the major trends that will impact your e-commerce holiday season. Download our holiday guide and prepare your e-commerce with serenity and rigor. Includes holiday ecommerce checklist! Please fill out the form to receive the white paper

  • Shoppers will be looking for discounts
  • Mobile shopping will continue to grow
  • Social commerce will play a bigger role
  • Sustainability will be a key factor in purchase decisions

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