Why Developers Love Front-Commerce, a Remix frontend!

Front-Commerce is a high-performance frontend based on Remix, React, GraphQL and TypeScript, enabling e-tailers to migrate to a headless architecture with ease. Front-Commerce is designed to be fast, easy to use and easy to integrate. These features make our frontend a favourite with developers working for digital agencies and advertisers alike.

A modern and powerful tech stack

Front-Commerce not only offers a cutting-edge technology stack, it also provides a solid foundation for headless architecture. This flexibility allows digital agencies to design unique, bespoke e-commerce experiences for their clients, without being limited by a traditional e-commerce solution.

Front-Commerce is based on a modern and powerful tech stack, which includes :

  • Remix: Remix is a framework for applications and websites built with React. It is based on the principles of declarative programming, making it easy to learn and use. Remix also offers a variety of advanced features, such as support for dynamic routes, progressive enhancement and resilient data fetching.

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  • React: It needs no introduction. A particular favourite with developers, React is a very popular JavaScript library for creating user interfaces (UI). It allows you to build reusable components that make web development more efficient by using a component-based programming model.
  • GraphQL: GraphQL is a query language for APIs (application programming interfaces) that allows developers to request precisely the data they need. This avoids overloading with unnecessary data and improves application performance.
  • TypeScript: TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. So, in other words, it’s a programming language designed to improve and secure the production of JavaScript code. TypeScript enables potential errors to be detected earlier in the development process, improves the readability of code and offers better auto-completion in development environments.

This tech stack, which includes some great development favourites as well as new nuggets, lets developers and e-tailers create scalable e-commerce sites to their heart’s content. Front-Commerce offers unrivalled power and flexibility for the creation of ultra-fast, high-performance websites.

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“Front-Commerce 3 leans on a framework, Remix, that is increasingly popular with developers. We can integrate Front-Commerce into the Remix ecosystem, giving developers free rein to integrate Remix-compatible solutions. Front-Commerce integrators now have access to the Remix community for support concerning the framework, as well as Front-Commerce teams for anything Front-Commerce related. The work we did with Typescript has largely simplified the developer experience with auto-completion and type checking, for example.” – Guillaume Arino, Software Engineer at Front-Commerce

DevX at the heart of our strategy

At Front-Commerce, DevX (Developer Experience) is at the top of our priorities. We understand that satisfied developers are more productive and creative. That’s why we’re committed to providing powerful, intuitive tools, comprehensive documentation and responsive technical support. Our close collaboration with the community of developers who use our product fuels our continuous improvement, ensuring that Front-Commerce remains at the forefront of technology for digital agencies and their development teams.

With our modern tech stack, especially since the launch of our V3 based on Remix, React and TypeScript, we help developers who use our solutions be productive and create high-quality frontends.

This is demonstrated in particular by our brand new implementation of TypeScript, which we now support on both the server and the client side. This enables more robust and intuitive development, offering a better development experience with improved discovery and reduced cognitive load.

When it comes to APIs, we’ve recently revamped critical parts of the way integrators interact with Front-Commerce, including an extension API, new CLI commands, clearer packages with a smaller API surface, and alignment with modern coding practices.

Front Commerce Kaporal Use Case Graphics

A lot of what we did when creating Front-Commerce 3.0 was based around the question: how can we develop the best possible solution for our integrators? How can we ensure that Front-Commerce 3 is adapted to its integrators and at the same time, satisfy the merchant’s need for performance?” – Guillaume Arino, Software Engineer at Front-Commerce

The automation we added to Front-Commerce 3 makes an integrator’s life so much easier. We’ve made sure that everything that needs to be changed can be done in the simplest manner.– Gaëtan Flament, Software Engineer at Front-Commerce

A frontend based on Web Standards

With Front-Commerce 3.0, we have committed to basing our frontend on web standards. This means using standard Request and Response objects for interactions with the web server, standard forms and standard CSS functionality. This ensures interoperability, a familiar development experience and paves the way for open innovation such as edge computing.

We are now adopting modern standards for forms, improving the accessibility and sustainability of the code. Our commitment to progressive improvement will be at the heart of all future Front-Commerce 3.x releases, as we aim to deliver fast and enjoyable storefronts for all users, whatever their circumstances (low-end device, poor network conditions, disabilities…). This is achieved through the use of Remix features such as routes, loaders and actions.

Front-Commerce has always adhered to modern technological standards, adopting them because they are the future, not because they are fashionable. This means that projects developed with Front-Commerce will be future-proof and able to evolve, whatever the future of the industry. We plan to integrate more AI and LLM into our development workflows

We’re passionate about development, and we’re committed to providing our users with the best possible experience.

“Front-Commerce 3 is based on a framework (Remix) that is already very well documented, which, in the short and long term will make an integrator’s life easier, especially integrators that don’t have previous experience with Front-Commerce.”

– Damien Pobel, Senior Software Engineer at Front-Commerce

“With Front-Commerce 3, everything is much more logical for the developer. From best practices, standard APIs that can be used throughout the web, and improved technical documentation. Performance and DX have not been ignored, and any developer can get excited about that.”

– Paul Van Dyk, Senior Software Engineer at Front-Commerce

Front-Commerce is a popular front-end solution for developers working for e-tailers and digital agencies alike. Our front-end is based on a modern, powerful tech stack that makes it easy to develop fast, scalable e-commerce sites that convert. Front-Commerce is also a Dev-friendly solution, offering comprehensive documentation, tools and resources to help developers get started and grow.


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