Front-Commerce 3 - A Remix eCommerce Frontend

Front-Commerce, a leading name in headless frontend solutions for e-commerce, is thrilled to announce the launch of Front-Commerce 3 this week, one of the only e-commerce frontends based on Remix. This major product revamp represents a significant leap forward in enhancing the developer experience and web performance for e-commerce projects worldwide.

An ambitious aim that promises to bring substantial benefits to both merchants and their customers

Front-Commerce’s primary goal with this new product is to not only improve, but elevate the Core Web Vitals and overall performance of every storefront built using their platform.

The key innovation at the heart of Front-Commerce 3 is the adoption of Remix as the foundational framework. Remix is a full-stack web framework renowned for its focus on web standards, simplicity, and performance, making it an ideal choice as a framework for this mission.

With a focus on web performance, developer experience, and adherence to web standards, this release is set to redefine how you approach building your online storefronts. Front-Commerce 3 brings all the goodness developed over the past 7 years to the Remix ecosystem.

“Using Remix will allow Front-Commerce users to move towards web standards and reduce the javascript used, thus gaining in website performance. As a former Front-Commerce 2 integrator, I would recommend Front-Commerce to any Magento 2 or other storefront developer who works with a ready-to-use shop. If you like code, and like to write lines of code, Front-Commerce is 100 times more enjoyable than any other storefront solution.” Guillaume Arino, Front-end Developer


Technology ready to respond to consumer demand

Here is what can be expected with Front-Commerce 3:

Web performance improvements

  • Even faster page load times and enhanced user experiences
  • User content streaming
  • Reduced client-side dependencies

Developer Experience improvements

  • Support for TypeScript
  • Faster tooling using modern build tools and adoption of pnpm for development
  • Revamped Front-Commerce APIs with automated Codemods for code migration
  • Potential for AI and LLMs to play a role in the future of Front-Commerce

Web standards

  • Use of standard forms and progressive enhancement.
  • Transition from Sass to CSS variables to align with evolving CSS standards.
  • A standard technical stack for future-proof projects

👨‍💻 For more details and technical documentation, visit Front-Commerce’s developer website

“As we embark on this new major product release, I can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude. A heartfelt thanks goes out to our incredible team who poured their passion, creativity, and countless hours into bringing this vision to life. And to our invaluable integrators, your understanding and collaboration mean the world to us, and we can’t wait for you to experience the magic of Front-Commerce Remixed! Together, we’ve created something special.” – CTO and co-founder, Pierre Martin

Greater portability and longevity for Front-Commerce storefronts

Remix adheres to modern web standards, delivering Progressive Web Applications that work with and leverage web APIs to improve user experiences. Incorporating standard APIs facilitates compatibility with a wider ecosystem of libraries and, crucially, reduces the amount of code shipped to the browser for enhanced performance.

By choosing Remix, Front-Commerce takes a step toward reducing its dependence on React. This flexibility ensures that a Front-Commerce storefront can adapt to evolving frontend technologies without compromising their longevity.

“Front-Commerce is a storefront for headless commerce based on the newly released Remix v2 framework. We’re bringing all the goodness we developed over the past 7 years, to the Remix ecosystem.”  – CTO and co-founder, Pierre Martin

Delivering the best possible composable Remix e-Commerce frontend experience

As customer demands evolve, so has technology, and a brand’s storefront experience has never been more important in e-commerce. The improvements made to Front-Commerce with this release make it easier than ever for an e-commerce to deliver a highly performant frontend experience for its customers and its developers and we are excited to share this innovation with the e-commerce community!

Front-Commerce 3 is a big leap forward in e-commerce development. With a focus on web performance, developer experience, and adherence to web standards, this release is set to redefine how you approach building your online storefronts.” – Laurent Lacaze, CEO, Front-Commerce

Existing Front-Commerce users will be able to benefit from this version without migration, but simply with a small update. Our product team has been working on tools to facilitate this. Three projects are already planned for a go live before the end of 2023 and deployment begins with the first customer using this version in the coming weeks.

Front-Commerce is committed to continuous improvement and welcomes feedback from developers and teams. Feel free to reach out to us to test the product or engage in a free trial.