New era, new identity!

A bit of history to start with

Front-Commerce is not just our name. It is a product created in 2015, developed by developers for developers (thanks to Occitech). At the end of 2019, Etienne and Pierre (co-owners of Occitech) decided to split their activities between their historic digital service and the Front-Commerce product. Hence the creation of Progressive Web Innovation in January 2020 which hosts the Front-Commerce product and saw the arrival of a more business minded Laurent as CEO.

This new era of Front-Commerce with a more business oriented direction and fully "client-centric" mindset had to renew its identity. Our new image needed to be less technical, fully representing what we are today: a very technically innovative product whose added value is definitely business.

Birth of our new identity

Accompanied by digital agency, Darman, led by Claire, we have reviewed our entire digital strategy, from our business added value to our website, including our personae and our visual identity.

Our new logo and brand identity reflect our corporate values, our vision and our market positioning.

Namely, our values:

  • pragmatism
  • empathy
  • commitment to excellence

building on our vision:

Build a smooth, convenient and profitable digital commerce experience for “consumer-centric” merchants.

Our new logo

Before and after:

Designer explanations:

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