Composable Commerce in 16 Weeks - Front-Commerce

Our guide to adopting Composable Commerce in just 16 weeks without upsetting your current platform system. Please fill out the form to access the Guide.

What’s inside?

  •  Unlocking Composable Commerce with your frontend
  • Advantages of opting for a headless architecture upstream of composable
  • Example of an e-commerce architecture with a headless frontend
  • Key benefits of implementing FEaaS when transitioning to composable commerce
  • Migration in phases
  • Building a modern e-commerce platform: front-end first
  • Real case studies

Everything you need to know about adopting Composable Commerce with serenity

With a modern commerce architecture, the back-end (which deals with orders, inventory) is separate from the front-end (which displays products and takes payments).

Separating the backend and frontend and introducing a headless storefront is the first step to take when adopting a composable architecture. A front-end agnostic from the back-end is beneficial to a composable system.  It gives you control over the backend and frontend experiences and permits a gradual migration towards your ideal ecommerce platform.

Learn how to get there in just 16 weeks with Front-Commerce. Download the 5-page guide today.