Front-Commerce & Somfy - eCommerce front-end experience

Somfy selects Front-Commerce as their storefront provider for a harmonized omni-channel experience

Front-Commerce, a leading storefront solution publisher known for their expertise in creating seamless online experiences, will work closely with WIDE Switzerland to develop a custom frontend experience for Somfy.

A personalized omni-channel portal

Somfy, a leading provider of smart home automation systems first established in 1969 in Haute-Savoie, France launched a mission to implement a seamless omni-channel experience across their multiple B2B and B2C digital channels.

With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Somfy needed a multi-site solution that would improve business efficiency and their customer experience.

The architectural & technological strategy created by WIDE Switzerland will improve their digital management approach, allow for personalization and facilitate content management. All of which will enable them to provide tailor-made experiences for each of their audiences to drive conversions and loyalty.

A case for an agnostic composable front-end

Front-Commerce has been chosen as the storefront provider for the redesign of their online stores & portal. The collaboration aims to deliver a superior user experience while streamlining the management of Somfy’s multiple digital sales channels which today include multi-country, multi audience, transactional and non-transactional audiences across close to 100 websites in close to 60 countries.

“We are thrilled to begin our partnership with WIDE Switzerland by bringing our headless e-commerce solution to Somfy. We are confident that our combined expertise will result in the best possible composable experience for end-users, merchant teams, and developers. These three audiences are crucial in maximizing the success of a replatforming project. WIDE’s approach to composable commerce aligns perfectly with what Front-Commerce brings to the table: meeting customer expectations, offering flexibility, and driving cost efficiency. Our teams share a relationship of trust and act as a unified ‘one-team’ for the customer.” – Laurent Lacaze, CEO of Front-Commerce

About Somfy: SOMFY is the world leader in window and door automation.  Pioneer in the connected home, the Group is constantly innovating to guarantee its users comfort, well-being, and security in the home and is fully committed to promoting sustainable development.  For more than 50 years, SOMFY has been using automation to improve living environments and is committed to creating reliable and sustainable solutions that promote better living and well-being for all.