Redefining Modern Luxury Commerce - White paper - Front-Commerce

The key to effectively meeting modern consumer demands in a post-Covid world. Please fill out the form to access the White Paper .

Updated February 2023 – 4 new pages of content!

What’s inside?

  • The Luxury Retail Market

  • E-Commerce in the Luxury Market

  • Covid and Luxury Commerce

  • What Defines the Modern Luxury Customer

  • Investing in a Digital Strategy

  • Sensory UX in the digital era   NEW!
  • Devialet case study   NEW!
  • Branding Ready for the Future

Retail is moving fast. Are you ready?

Today, luxury retailers face a new generation of shoppers that require omnichannel, hyper personalization, and a digital strategy. In a consumer-centric market, a personalized experience that goes over and above the purchase history is paramount. New sales channels are emerging and constant motion between each is the new normal.

In 2025, 25% of luxury industry value will come from online purchases, and 73% of all online sales will take place on mobile. The only way to keep up is with an agile business that’s technically ready to adapt at scale.

Only technology can help you deliver the right experience without compromising brand heritage. Agility and innovation are inseparable. Empower your teams to deliver an authentic brand experience in a digital context.

Learn how to move forward and achieve phenomenal growth in a tech powered, consumer-centric environment with our e-book: Redefining Modern Luxury Commerce