Front-Commerce & ekino - eCommerce Partnership

Front-Commerce and ekino partner to provide unmatched user experiences in e-commerce

Front-Commerce are pleased to announce a new partnership with ekino, a group specializing in digital transformation.

This partnership represents a significant milestone for Front-Commerce and opens up new avenues for market expansion. ekino is unique in that its teams combine technology, design and data, enabling a multi-expertise approach ranging from strategic consulting and user experience to back-end integration and scalability. Together we will leverage each others technical skills to take e-commerce experiences to new heights.

“We’re thrilled to have created a partnership with ekino bringing together two dynamic companies with complementary expertise in the e-commerce industry. Through knowledge sharing and collaboration we aim to provide unmatched, innovative user experiences for our clients.” – Laurent Lacaze, CEO, Front-Commerce

Beyond the business benefits, this partnership facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration. Ekino brings a wealth of cross-domain expertise, including design, user experience, back-end integration, and scalability. By collaborating closely, we can share best practices, exchange industry insights, and collectively stay at the forefront of e-commerce trends and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Together, we will provide unmatched user experiences, and solidify our position as leaders in the e-commerce industry.