Front-Commerce & Cloudinary join forces - Front-Commerce

Front-Commerce and Cloudinary have entered into a partnership

We are delighted to announce that Front-Commerce has entered into a strategic partnership with Cloudinary, the market leader in image and video management.

Our collaboration will bring together our respective strengths and expertise to deliver a seamless and visually enhanced online shopping experience for our eCommerce clients.

By leveraging Cloudinary’s state-of-the-art digital asset management platform and Front-Commerce’s headless storefront’s capabilities, we can now propose even faster page load times and an optimized user experience.

The integration is simple to configure and applies to all existing images in your Composable Commerce stack, no matter where they originate. This seamless integration ensures that all images are rendered with Cloudinary’s advanced features, such as AI-enabled cropping, auto-focus, and multi-CDN, for a faster and visually appealing storefront experience.

Cloudinary is the market leader in image and video management, providing a cloud-based digital asset management platform that helps businesses optimize and deliver rich media experiences. The company’s platform offers advanced features such as dynamic image and video manipulation, image optimization, and delivery. All of which help improve website performance, engagement, and conversion rates.

We believe that this partnership will provide a significant advantage for brands looking to deliver a more engaging and optimized eCommerce experience to their customers.