Product evolution: Front-Commerce 2022

Front-Commerce product evolution & improvements

As the company progresses, Front-Commerce is constantly adapting to the changing needs of its customers and the e-commerce market. With each release, the product is becoming increasingly sophisticated and comprehensive, offering customers more features, integrations and capabilities than ever before. Our goal remains to ensure that Front-Commerce remains a top-of-the-line headless front-end solution for businesses looking to maximize their e-commerce potential.

As you can see from the table and video below, Front-Commerce has evolved a lot in the last year. From both a technical and a functional point of view. So what’s next? We have a lot of big things lined up for 2023, but we aren’t ready to let the cat out of the bag just let! So let’s start by taking a look at everything that was achieved by our product team in 2022:

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Table of events

Release Goal & features
Release 2.12
  • CDN Akamai
  • B2B: Requisition lists and team management
  • Password strength display
Release 2.13
  • Prismic previews + improvements
  • New PSP for Front-Commerce: Hipay
  • Algolia for Magento2
Release 2.14
  • Downloadable products
  • Store credits
  • Stress tests + Cloud v2
  • (BigCommerce connector in development)
Release 2.15
  • Back in stock alerts (Magento)
  • Prismic Embed Fields
  • Paypal x Adyen
  • (BigCommerce connector in development)
Release 2.16
  • BigCommerce MVP 🚀
  • Cloud deployments TwicPics
  • Magento native search
  • Dependencies and upgrades
Release 2.17
Release 2.18
  • From to Front-Commerce Cloud: 100% 🎉
  • Cockpit beta
  • PSP module improvements (Adyen, Lyra, PayPal)
  • Prismic into core
Release 2.19
  • POC Somfy
  • Attraqt Search v1
  • Magento 2 native search
  • Autumn Cleaning
  • New BigCommerce features
  • GA4 and Matomo compatibility
Release 2.20
  • BigCommerce multi-store support
  • Cloudinary
  • Node 18
  • Proactive monitoring for Cloud Audits 🧑‍🏫
Release 2.21
  • Secret Prototype 🎉
  • Cloud monitoring improvements
  • Algolia XOR search

Get full details of each release directly from the changelog.