MEUBLL, our first Front-Commerce's custom theme – Introduction

Here we are, finally!

Front-Commerce is in production. The team has worked really hard to propose a product as qualitative as possible. The result of many years and still, so much work to do!

To illustrate Front-Commerce’s features, we’ve decided to create custom themes with a simple goal : highlight Front-Commerce’s potential on multiple topics, such as the underlying technologies, design or user experience. These themes will give you an overview of our product’s possibilities and will allow you to project and imagine what your future online shop could look like. To do so, they must highlight relevant features and also be seductive.

In these articles, I will guide you through the making of one of those themes. From the initial idea to the online deployment, you will have a glimpse of how we worked on it and how it ends.

Let's cut to the chase!

Each theme, each feature, each animation in a website should contribute to an improvement of the user experience (UX). Nothing should be left to chance. Beforehand, time is needed to highlight target user’s needs, expectations and constraints. They are the ones who will use your application. You should try to satisfy them no matter what. And to do that, you need to know them. Once their needs are established and analysed, you will be able to propose relevant features, which will be really useful to users. You will be able to propose a fluid and intuitive experience, close to what they consider optimal. And there, you will be scoring points! 

Of course, conducting a complete user study can take a lot of time. As a UX designer myself, I can only encourage you to take this time if you can, it will never be wasted. But sometimes, it’s difficult or even impossible. Constraints (time, budget…) are too hard to compete with. You need to do it fast (and well).

Think again! Even in a short period of time, it is possible to conduct relevant studies! Some less time-consuming methods, inspired by traditional ones exist and will give you very useful improvement leads. It is called Guerilla UX (or “quick” UX). And believe me, “quick” doesn’t mean “botched”. You will see more about that in the next parts, be patient! 🙂

Ready to read the next part? See you soon!


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