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Keep your back-end, revolutionize your front-end !

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What is Front-Commerce ?

Front-Commerce is THE solution for a fast and highly customizable online shop. Latest frontend technologies propose to your customers incredible performances and navigation speed.

Front-Commerce is an ideal solution to boost your sales. Please your clients with an amazing user-experience, no loading screens, complete graphic customization etc…

Interested ? Have a look on our demo site and see by yourself how fast it is ! (still in development so it might have some bugs).

DX focused

Front-Commerce’s first goal is to enhance the Developer eXperience (DX). You’ll enjoy our accurate choice of modern open-source tools and their large communities. You can apply today’s web best practices to your online shop(s).

Enter the Developer’s realm and learn more about the technical aspect of Front-Commerce. Which technologies we’re using, back and front-end architectures, why we’ve chosen Magento 2 as a starting platform (and more!)…

What are YOUR benefits ?

  • High-speed website : instant display, optimal referencement, more sales !
  • A limitless interface personalization for an awesome user experience
  • Modern and durable stack your team is waiting for
  • Connect other API with ease in a micro-services architecture
  • Reduce servers load and erase potential security vulnerabilities of Magento2


Setup cost 5000 € (before taxes). It represents project’s technical and human setup.

Then, and depending on your support’s needs and data transfer, it will cost 1000€ / month (before taxes).

Support includes :

  • Regular updates of the connector and new features
  • Warranty : bugs correction
  • Following new versions of back-end solutions (Magento2)
  • Direct support with us by e-mail (standard) or phone (option)
  • Live updated documentation

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Come discuss (in english) on the dedicated Slack channel #front-commerce on the Communautary Magefront Slack (Ask for an invitation).