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The French clothing company Kaporal has specialized in denim since its creation in 2004. It is around jeans that the brand has built a real success story. With a know-how acquired over nearly 15 years, Kaporal sells its products in branded physical stores, via retailers and also directly via its own e-commerce platform. 

They have been using Magento 1 for a few years. As this platform is ageing, the Kaporal team studied the options available to it to make its e-commerce site evolve as efficiently as possible while preparing for the future. The vulnerability of Magento 1 through the frontend is also a factor in accelerating change.

The migration to Magento 2 implies a complete redesign project: long, costly and risky. Regardless of the technical aspects, the mobilization of internal teams is often very trying, not to mention the risk of turnover loss during the changeover.


The Kaporal team turned to Front-Commerce to learn more about our solution and know-how. 

For them, Front-Commerce is the best solution to meet the challenges they were facing:

an essential component for a scalable platform with an agnostic approach that allows to connect different functional or business solutions together (composable commerce approach)

an ultra high-performance frontend that optimizes conversion rates thanks to the PWA standard, especially on mobile phones, Kaporal’s preferred target audience.

UX freedom thanks to the decoupling of backend and frontend offering the possibility to provide users with the ultimate customer experience.

an unbeatable time-to-market/cost ratio thanks to the industrialization level of the solution and its functional coverage (100% of the functionalities of Magento 1 and 2 in Community or Enterprise version are natively covered by Front-Commerce) 

The figures speak for themselves, using our headless technology divides the cost of migration by 5, the time to market by 4, while optimizing the customer experience on all media including mobile.

The redesign is in progress and we will publish results when the new website is up and running. (February 2021)

Customer testimonial

“Front-Commerce is for us the most efficient solution to make our e-commerce platform evolve. The Front-Commerce team is available to help us both with the possibilities offered by the solution and also to support the development team. The functional coverage and the technical quality bring a real gain in productivity.

Front-Commerce will become a foundation of our e-commerce platform allowing it to evolve gradually while controlling our costs. We look forward to measuring the effects on conversion rates.”

Nicolas Ciccione, E-Business, CRM and Innovation Director at Kaporal

Front Commerce Kaporal Use Case Testimonial
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