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Brands succeeding online with Front-Commerce

Why these brands chose to migrate to Front-Commerce

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An API first frontend solution that combines innovation, pragmatism & technical excellence
Headless Flexible icon Front-Commerce
A decoupled architecture that’s headless, flexible & composable commerce ready
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A faster frontend, a custom storefront built on PWA capabilities, Remix & React technologies
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A team of experts to support you: we manage the components & ensure that everything is up-to-date with the latest web standards & technologies

How will your brand benefit from migrating to Front-Commerce?

Headless architecture streamlines development and facilitates rapid deployment of new features and integrations without disrupting existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud infrastructure.

Streamlined development processes, reduced maintenance overheads, and the flexibility to choose best-of-breed solutions contribute to overall cost savings.

A hybrid or progressive approach to headless commerce allows you to maintain the functionality of your SFCC back-end while building a modern headless front-end. This extends the value of your existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud investment while unlocking the advantages of headless commerce.

Beyond web and mobile, headless empowers you to create seamless shopping experiences across any touchpoint, including social media and voice assistants.

Use Case Devialet Front Commerce Graphic

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Devialet doubled its e-commerce conversion rate in just 16 weeks with frontend-as-a-service. Visit the live site.


Conversion rate




Lighthouse performance

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Why migrate to a headless frontend?

Headless storefronts allow for independent front-end innovation without impacting core Salesforce Commerce Cloud functionality. This translates to faster customization and quicker time-to-market for new features.

Headless frontends are often lighter weight, leading to faster load times and a smoother user experience across devices. This keeps customers engaged.

Decoupling from a monolithic platform allows integration of best-of-breed solutions ensuring compatibility with emerging technologies. Adding new feature is simpler with a headless setup, as the frontend can connect to various backend services and APIs as needed.

Headless frontends enable features like server-side rendering, boosting your organic search ranking and website traffic.

The Hidden Costs Of A Monolithic Storefront Front Commerce

The Hidden Costs of a Monolithic Storefront

Is your e-commerce solution dragging down your performance and driving up your costs? Running your e-commerce on a monolithic platform such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be attractive at first. But as your business grows, these initial benefits can be overshadowed by a number of hidden costs.

Which eCommerce solution is right for you?

Feature Front-Commerce Headless Frontend SFCC Monolithic Platform
Flexibility Effortlessly adapt with best-of-breed solutions Limited adaptability, complex changes
Maintenance & Scalability Isolated components, simpler updates, easy scaling Complex updates, potential ripple effects, limited scalability
Omnichannel Power Enables true omnichannel fulfillment (BOPIS, etc.) May limit omnichannel functionality
Management Decentralized, requires integration expertise Centralized, familiar approach
B2B Functionality Integrations required, may need custom solutions Robust B2B features built-in
Catalog & Brand Control Requires integration management for consistency Centralized control over product catalogs
Considerations – Requires integration expertise – Less flexibility for future needs
– Potential maintenance challenges

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