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Move beyond the Monolith – join the headless revolution!

The 14th of July is our beloved France’s national holiday. 🇫🇷  It’s also quite literally the day of the year where the nation celebrates going headless. Let us explain why you should join the headless revolution!

A little history

Bastille day, as it is traditionally known, is a celebration of the unity of the French nation and the start of the French Revolution. On the 14th of July, 1789, troops stormed the Bastille prison and took over the government.

  • marking the end of the monarchy,
  • and signalling the start of the guillotine.

And whilst we do not support the removal of actual heads, we do think it sounds familiar 🤔.

  • The end of the monolith,
  • and the start of the start of the headless revolution.

Move beyond the Monolith and join the Headless Commerce Revolution.

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Here are some options:

*Front-Commerce do not support the removal of peoples heads, just cutting off, or decoupling of front-ends from back-ends.