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The customer experience at the heart of your eCommerce platform

  • Progressive migration to a headless architecture with a PWA
  • Total UX design freedom: appeal to the traditional senses with an innovative shopping journey
  • Physical and digital sales channels in one omnichannel experience
  • Simplified multi-site management (multi-country, B2B, B2C)
  • Up to 4x faster page loading
  • Faster development times
  • Integrate the client services of your choice
  • Improve conversion rates, revenue & traffic whilst reducing overall costs

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Engage the senses with headless e-commerce
Engage the senses with headless e-commerce
Engage the senses with headless e-commerce
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What are the Benefits of Headless Commerce?

A flexible e-commerce platform that’s ready to adapt
  • Performance
  • Headless
  • API
  • Microservices
Improve your KPIs & meet new business objectives
  • Conversion
  • SEO
  • Traffic
  • Costs
A fluid shopping experience that drives growth across channels
  • Omni-channel
  • Multi-device
  • Unified commerce
Tailor-made storefront with unlimited design potential
  • UX
  • Hyper-personalization
  • Real-time display

Innovate & scale


Improve your customer journey, optimize SEO & increase conversions


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Devialet doubled their mobile conversion rate in just 16 weeks by switching to an ultra high-performant PWA frontend and a headless architecture.

“The results obtained are beyond our expectations and we know that there is still room to go further, especially on mobile. – Benjamin Braillon, Omnichannel Manager at Devialet

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  • How your teams can create a mobile first customer experience that’s in line with your brand image across all digital channels
  • How we implement a PWA frontend that works seamlessly with your current e-commerce backend

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