E-commerce Wishlist Feature Integration - Front-Commerce

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E-commerce wishlist feature – a small example of the right integration

We have just added the wishlist feature into Front-Commerce’s standard theme, because one of our clients needed it now and not before. We add features when our clients need them, to be sure to add value that will be effectively used.

So, Wishlist features mean:

  • Add (and remove) a product to the wishlist (both from product listings and on its dedicated page)
  • See on a product page whether the product is already in the wishlist, or not
  • View products in the wishlist to add them to the cart

However, this does not mean that the Wishlist feature is done & dusted. It means that we will add more functionalities as and when our clients need them. For instance, adding the possibility to move all products from a wishlist to the cart within a few days. That’s how we add value into Front-Commerce, “just in time”.

Persistent wishlist across devices

Maybe you have read about or done a benchmark of the PWA solutions currently on the market. As we are closed source, you can only use our (blank theme) demo and see how you find these or those functionalities. But it’s also interesting to see how it’s handled.

Let’s come back to our Wishlist case. You will find it on (only) one of our competitors’ solutions as well.

We’ve developed the wishlist using the relative Magento controller, meaning that if a customer ticks a product from his smartphone, he’ll find it back on his computer later this evening because it’s saved in his customer account in Magento. That’s not the choice our competitor made: it’s only managed by the frontend framework.

Javascript frameworks are fantastic tools, allowing you to move some of the logic from backend to frontend. Now taking shortcuts can lead to regressions you don’t necessarily want compared to “vanilla Magento” for your customers. You can confirm that a functionality exists when you can see it on a demo, but you may discover that it doesn’t work like you expected.

We keep Magento features support in general rather than a partial browser based feature. As a closed source solution, we are driven to deliver the best quality of code and integration because we ask money for that and we want to overcome our client’s expectations.

Above the coverage of our solution, you can be certain to find in the package those kinds of choices for integration with Magento, good developing practices (DX), tests, quality code, documentation and, as per our service proposition, a qualified support with contractual response time. When you can rely on efficiency and there are no bad surprises, the total cost of a project definitely changes, for the better.

About functional coverage

As we work with production shops since early 2018, we get many requests to enhance the coverage of Front-Commerce.

We can say that today (May 2019) we are the solution on the market with THE best feature coverage for building a PWA with Magento 1 & 2. Wishlist was one of the last missing features and we will provide support for all native Magento 1 & 2 features when needed.

As a reminder, we deliver the whole source code to our clients. So yes, we are closed source, but our clients can still change everything they want with our extension points, be it on the backend or on the frontend

If you are a merchant and want to make your store fast and unique right now, we can do it together!