Around the product

Front-Commerce is a software editor with an Open Source culture and a subscription model. We provide a solution with commitments, support and best quality practices.

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To use Front-Commerce, the dev team has to be trained to ensure best practices and quality will be there. Before the project starts, we evaluate the technical level of the team and design a custom training to them.

  • 5 days splitted in 2 sessions to take a step back in between
  • prerequisite: knowledge of modern Javascript syntax concepts and experience with React programming

Project support

For your project, we provide help, guidance and quality certification.

  • Kick-off workshop to discuss the project scope, architecture, pain points, business goals...
  • Slack/mail/video interactions to bring reactivity
  • Pair programming to avoid misunderstandings and bottlenecks
  • Code reviews to ensure best practices to reach the best performances and finally be quality certified
  • Professional Services days are sized with the customer and the dev team in line with the project workload

What can bring a subscription based product?

Enterprise-grade software with a team of experts to help you


Commitments on results (growth of conversion rate for instance)


Quality on support and development


Enterprise upgrades on all components (technical stack and connectors)


Industralized tooling (design system, CI/CD, automated tests, ...)


A fully predictable TCO with a very fast ROI

Commitments on results (growth of conversion rate for instance)

Focus on specific use cases


Progressive migration

Your eCommerce platform comes to an end and you will need to migrate to a new one. This is the case for many Magento 1 merchants. With Front-Commerce you can just change the frontend and keep your backend:

  • Split your replatforming budget on several years
  • Enjoy your PWA, with all benefits, faster (time-to-market)
  • Secure your current platform quickly (no more Magento 1 vulnerabilities)
  • Don't need to modify your frontend when you will change your Magento 1 backend later

BtoB digital commerce

BtoB is a growing market and clients expectations are catching up with the B2C.

  • How to make succeed with your digital transformation?
  • How a PWA should increase your sales on B2B channel?
  • Wherein a headless and microservices architecture will reduce your TCO?