Idea #1 : Front-Commerce, a solution designed for mobility

The world of e-commerce has become mobile

Today, in the world of e-commerce, mobile sales is a major issue.

By 2020, mobile commerce will account for 45% of all e-commerce activities – compared to 20.5% in 2016 (Hosting Facts).

Furthermore,  these impressive rates are constantly increasing.

To continue with figures, 67% of online shoppers indicate that they give up their shopping cart if the site they are surfing on is too slow. A website is considered to be slow if the loading time is greater than 5 seconds. Among these shoppers, 88% of them explain that they would never come back on such a website (CDNetworks survey of a panel of 500 Internet users in France).

With such information, it’s time to realize that it has become imperative to design or redesign, one’s e-commerce website by placing mobility at the heart of matters.

The investments needed to increase sales may not be where we imagined them

Attracting a new audience has always required a significant investment. Investing without turning these visitors into customers, and at the risk of losing them permanently, seems like trying to fill a bathtub up without closing the drain hole.  

In addition to good development practices, mobile speed is an essential part of increasing conversion rates and customer loyalty. One second of mobile loading time can impact the conversion rate by up to 20%: of the million [FR]/

What if the investment was first to design or redesign one’s site to meet the standards expected by Google?

PWA reserved for “big” sites?

Many e-merchants in France seem not to measure the impact of these new architectures on their online sales. Although the success stories show more than convincing results: -The share-of-its-sales-mobile/ [FR]


These pioneers are often “big” e-merchants but, as wrote Benoit Gaillat Mobibot society “Should we leave almost all mobile e-commerce to Gafa ?”[FR].

Progressives Web Apps are THE standard set up by Google for site optimization. Good development and architecture practices are expected by Google robots to properly reference an e-commerce site.

Front-Commerce brings you to mobility

Accessible to the largest number of e-commerce sites based on versions 1 and 2 of Magento (Open Source or Enterprise), Front-Commerce develops POC (Proof Of Concept) on platforms like Moltin or the promising new

With Front-Commerce, your site is compatible with all devices, all operating systems, all browsers on the market and any hardware: pc, tablet, smartphone, … without having to manage specific developments for Android or iOs.

Front-Commerce is the ready-to-use, tested and proven storefront solution in production since 2018

To learn more, consult our technical and public documentation online or contact our sales team


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