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What’s inside?

  • The complexity of B2B e-commerce

  • Adapting to the modern industry buyer

  • The digitalization of B2B commerce

  • Headless commerce makes sense for B2B ecommerce

  • The benefits of headless for B2B commerce

  • Real b2b ecommerce examples… and more!

B2B eCommerce is the future.

The B2B buyer journey has always been complex. And today, with the ever-changing demands of the modern industry buyer, it has become even more necessary to rethink the buyer journey, creating a future-ready digital experience.

In 2023, an estimated 17% of B2B sales are expected to be generated digitally.

To succeed in today’s market, it’s essential to understand how this B2B buyer journey works and adapt your sales and marketing strategies accordingly.

This report takes a closer look at the B2B buyer journey and how digital transformation will continue to become an opportunity for B2B ecommerce merchants to continue to grow.