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11 tips to prepare your e-commerce for the end of the year

The Christmas season is the most important time of the year for an e-commerce. In this white paper we will give you the keys to prepare e-commerce for Christmas season & make the most of it. We have refocused the 11 most important points so that you can prepare the holidays with serenity and rigor and a concrete checklist at the end.

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Is your e-commerce ready for the Holidays?

  • Know your customer buying behavior
  • Be present at the start of the search process
  • Make sure your UX matches your customers needs
  • Adapt your product offer
  • Prepare your logistics for the holiday rush
  • Make sure your web hosting is sufficient
  • Reassure your buyers about delivery delays
  • Consider relaxing your return policy
  • Prioritize your mobile experience
  • Engage your customers throughout the season