Our roadmap

We’ve experimented a lot since the first line of code on the 29th of October 2015. We’re now in the final steps towards a production ready solution.

Below is our roadmap for the next versions with date estimates. This roadmap will be updated based on your feedbacks and opportunities. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us with us if something blocking for you is not in the roadmap.

✔ 0.8 (July 2017)

Goals: validate SEO readiness, starting public discussions (developers, partners and customers) to give and get feedback

  • SEO (meta data, og, schema.org, pagination, breadcrumbs)
  • Sitemap generation
  • Open the demo to the public
  • Auto-deployed documentation and styleguide
  • Hosting benchmarks

✔ 0.9 (late August 2017)

Goals: prepare theme override, final prices implementation

  • Introduce GraphQL Price / Money types for all prices
  • Expose all prices with/without taxes (M2 API extension) and display promotions
  • Upgrade Apollo Client (0.5 -> 1.x)
  • Extract all client queries / fragments to .gql files
  • Implement a custom babel resolver plugin to handle theme fallbacks
  • Enable storyshots for storybook stories (hopefully upgrade to 3.2.0 for hierarchy support)

✔ 0.10 (late September 2017)

Goals: implement the most critical remaining features to detect early issues with the M2 API

  • Promo codes (add / remove code for cart, display reductions…)
  • Finalize Cross-sells / Upsells / Related products integration
  • Support for CMS pages
  • Integrate an advanced shipping method in checkout. 3rd party module with relay selector on map (Magentix Colissimo for M2)

✔ 0.11 (mid October 2017)

Goals: technical improvements to make Payment and core features stable for production

  • Customer account area (rework existing, implement missing features)
  • Google Analytics advanced E-commerce in checkout
  • Forgotten password feature
  • Estimate shipping / VAT in Cart
  • Persist/Merge Cart upon login or registration
  • Integrate shipping modules (and specific So Colissimo solution)
  • Optimize empty cart page
  • My Account pages

✔ 0.12 (late October 2017)

Goals: implement remaining features required for the first Front-Commerce customers

  • Upgrade to Magento 2.2 (!) and ensure Pacts are still verified. Lot of stucked issues should be managed.
  • Better error pages
  • Integrate payments modules
  • Better sitemap generation
  • Better filter behaviors
  • Better GraphQL mutations handling
  • Upgrade to NodeJS 8 and NPM 5
  • Improve maintenance mode

0.13 (mid November 2017)

Goals: prepare production releases with real users!

  • Analyze demo logs and Apollo Optics to ensure no bottlenecks are left or update roadmap
  • ElasticSearch improvements
  • Improve and test exhaustively cache invalidation mechanisms in place
  • Upgrade to React 16 and React Router 4
  • Log and handle all unexpected errors with degraded mode (upgrade to React 16)

0.14 (January 2018)

Goals: implement features from real world learnings, prepare future integrations

  • Analyze behaviors on sites in production
  • Handle customers feedbacks
  • Develop useful tooling (shell scripts…)
  • Backport components in the base theme
  • Refactoring: use IDL schemas on GraphQL server (+ tooling for client contracts checks)
  • First acceptance tests with extension mechanisms (Page Objects?) for an easy maintenance for child themes
  • Improve theme customizations in multistore environments

0.15 (January 2018)

Goals: “industrialize” theme creations and prepare onboarding of developers/partners

  • Finalize the base / blank theme and the styleguide
  • Make the demo theme an extension of the base theme
  • Improve performances where needed
  • Start documentation plan (solution interview of developers / partners)

1.0 (February 2018)

Goals: Celebrate!

  • Finalize a first version of the documentation
  • Code samples
  • Create a second more opiniated demo theme
  • Increase acceptance tests coverage (and maybe monitoring mode for production instances)
  • Implement an event store with all successful mutations (experiment on demo and maybe in production)

1.1 (~March 2018)

Goals: PWA

Note: POCs will be made available on demo themes only and might be flagged as unstable. Priority may however bump according to customer needs.

  • Create an app shell with cache management where possible
  • Feature flags / extension mechanisms to allow each theme to use its own strategy
  • Improve UX when in offline mode
  • Implement notifications for order tracking
  • Implement notifications for price alerts (B2B use case)
  • Geolocate users for store location / shipping estimates / relays
  • POC: Payment Request API
  • POC: offline catalog with sync (for tablet demos)

1.2 (~April 2018)

Goals: integrations with other systems

The roadmap below will very likely change depending on customer needs… please get in touch if you need a specific integration!

  • Extract services from existing Pacts, with strategies
  • POC: Shopify API
  • POC: Sylius API
  • POC: Akeneo integration
  • POC: Drupal integration
  • POC: GraphCMS integration
  • POC: Gatsby or Hugo integration


Get in touch !

Write us on contact@front-commerce.com.

Follow and reach us on Twitter.

Come discuss (in english) on the dedicated Slack channel #front-commerce on the Communautary Magefront Slack (Ask for an invitation).