You will love Front-Commerce too !

Our concern as developers

As trained web developers, we were concern about current e-commerce theming complexity and lateness. So we decided to create Front-Commerce. It was time to unchain one another’s skills and separate back and front responsibilities.

Front-Commerce is made by developers but for once not only for developers ! It adresses everyone’s concerns : developers, merchants and shoppers. Front-Commerce will help you getting way beyond the competitors on UX and performance matters. You will work on gratifying modern tools that will ease your work.

About Front-end

Front-Commerce is based on ReactJS. It adopts the Atomic Design principle, associated with a complete Design System. It makes the theme’s conception and maintenance easier.

Front-Commerce and the provided connector communicate with GraphQL, which provide astonishing features and performance enhancements. It also simplifies the way you display data on your theme.

These tools are popular. Many people use them and you will find benefits of large open-source communities. Besides, this will get you new skills for other projects. We provide sample themes to show how it works and you’ll get a fully updated documentation. You’ll get support as well. You may even be trained if needed (and possible for us)

About Back-end

We provide a connector to link Front-Commerce with your e-commerce API.

Your only concern is to expose your work through the API and the connector. Front-end developers will then get what they need and be autonomous.

Suported solutions

Front-Commerce is yet compatible with Magento 2. We will study all requests but need several needs on the same solution to work on it.

Proof-of-concept are currently tested on Wordpress, Drupal and Akeneo.

Magento2 and ReactJS ? We made it !

It’s the definition of Front-Commerce. Magento2 is combined with ReactJS using GraphQL.

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