Collégien - slippers & socks made in France

First online store with Magento 1 and Front-Commerce.

  • A BtoC part,
  • A BtoB part reserved for professionals,
  • Advanced management of Magento 1 widgets.
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Magento 2.3

Auto Bernard - 3rd French car distributor

  • A complete and detailed catalogue of the vehicles available with relevant filters (maximum number of kilometres, maximum price, brand, conversion premium, etc.),
  • The ability for users, at any time, to be able to compare the characteristics of 3 vehicles in parallel,
  • The possibility for Internet users to request a funding, book and pay for their reservations online,
  • The possibility of making an appointment in the workshop or requesting a quote,
  • Define alerts and searches,
  • etc….
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Multistore without ecommerce engine

Chaîne Thermale du Soleil (CTS) & Compagnie des Spas (CDS) - reservations for wellness stays and cures

First on line multistore without ecommerce engine connected to a customized ERP :

  • Front-Commerce middleware retrieves data through WordPress REST API and ElasticSearch projection,
  • The product and CMS information pages are managed from a WordPress instance with a customized wysiwyg editor,
  • The search uses the advanced features of Algolia,
  • the emails are sent by Mailjet (via its templating system),
  •  online payments via Ogone with payment mechanism of the Front-Commerce core.

Magento 2.3

Terrang - Adventure sports and outdoor activities

  • Advanced brand management with product attributes managed in the frontend,
  • Advanced filter and categorization management,
  • Search on large catalogue (15,000 items).
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Chaine Thermale - Gift Shop

Gift shop of “la Chaîne Thermale” :

  • Automated categorization by product attribute,
  • Management of virtual mailings by PDF.
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