History and technical background

The project and it’s overall aims

Starting assumption

  • The existing e-commerce solutions are technologically late
    when it comes to the front-end.
  • Monolithic architecture is an obstruction to innovation.
  • Make many services work together is complex.
  • Micro-services, APIs and headless solutions emerge but are expensive to implement.
  • To build a singular user-experience is difficult.
  • New use-cases com to light (Mobile, AI, VR, chatbots…).
  • New approaches are mandatory for B2B e-commerce.


  • Every project needs specific UI/UX thinking.
  • Good practices adopted from start save time.
  • A good Design System make communication between different services easier.
  • PWA features will increase customer engagement.
  • New web technologies bring new opportunities.
  • React will become the new JQuery and many developers will claim their skills.
  • Front-end integration must be a tactical investment.
  • Greater front-end flexibility helps to solve many problems
    related to your website’s ergonomy.

Project initiated by Occitech

Works on Magento systems since 2010.
Initial thought: stop using Magento’s template engine that’s been too counterproductive over years.

  • More than 4000hrs of work.
  • Started in October 2015
  • Early 2016: PoC and first demos
  • Summer 2016: Experiments and technical choices
  • November 2016: Official project launch
  • 2017: The last remaining 80%
  • March 2018: 2 projects in production
  • 2018 : distribution


11 people in Toulouse, France. Magento experts and custom web developments.