Supported features

We’ve started the project in 2015 and have production stores since early 2018. We had many functional requests from our clients which made us cover all main e-commerce facets down to minor features.

Front-Commerce’s components

  • Magento 1 or 2 REST API additional endpoints
  • NodeJS middleware (Express)
  • UI components library following the “Atomic Design” pattern (comparable to “Peregrine” in PWA Studio)
  • Blank React/GraphQL e-commerce theme as a starter (comparable to “blank” theme in Magento)
  • Documentation

General features

  • Theme and components override mechanisms
  • Extension mechanisms for GraphQL and node server features
  • Connect other API and expose data as part of the GraphQL schema
  • Use Magento 2 GraphQL endpoints
  • Middleware caching layer (Redis based) with cache invalidation
  • Local browser GraphQL cache

Tools for Quality

  • JS Unit testing with Jest and jsverify
  • Remote interactions tested with Pact
  • Design System with Storybook
  • Client and server hot reloading
  • Skeleton project to bootstrap your project
  • Debugging using DEBUG environment
  • Docker configuration for local development


  • Multi websites
  • Multi stores
  • Multi views (and languages)
  • Auto-select language from browser


  • Server Side Rendering (SSR) for search engines
  • Magento’s URL keys support
  • Products’s and breadcrumb Micro-data
  • Sitemap generation
  • Magento’s redirections
  • Media optimizing middleware


  • Cart page
  • Update quantity and options per line
  • VAT and shipping estimate
  • Coupon codes
  • Related sales
  • Magento guest cart merging on login

User account

  • Create an account
  • Forgotten password flow
  • Newsletter subscription management
  • My Account
    • information
    • address book
    • orders
    • renew orders
  • Wishlist (with Magento2 native feature)
  • Impacts of group belonging


  • Promotions
  • Upselling, cross-selling
  • Tier prices
  • Stock
  • Multiple-images swatches
  • Custom attributes
  • Custom options
  • Media gallery (images and videos)


  • Paypal (embedded & platform agnostic)
  • Stripe (embedded & platform agnostic)
  • LYRA / Payzen (embedded & platform agnostic)​
  • Ogone (embedded & platform agnostic)
  • Gateway for Magento’s payment method modules (requires a ~20 LoC adapter) such as Paypal, Adyen or PayZen

Search and Product attributes

  • ElasticSearch search engine (with Smile ElasticSuite)
  • Dynamic filtering and layered navigation (with Smile ElasticSuite)
  • Reusable and extensible ElasticSearch core libraries to build custom queries easily
  • Custom attributes
  • All product types handled


  • CMS Pages and Blocks
  • Contact forms
  • Categories Pages
  • Product Pages with media gallery
  • Widgets
  • Lazy loading
  • WordPress integration
  • integration


  • Out of the box analytics support for more than 100 integrations
  • Possibility of adding custom events