Online seller

Production ready, Front-Commerce revolutionize your online store in different ways.

By transforming your store to a Progressive Web App, it will be better indexed on search engines and be able to convert up to 30% more.

We designed Front-Commerce around 3 main pillars:

  • Modern frontend technologies and good practices, to empower developers and make them comfortable
  • Unmatched performance even on mobile because a fast store sells more
  • Micro-services ready to easily integrate all your different APIs and getting over with unmaintainable monoliths.

Leads to money savings and a drastic improvement of conversion rate.

Efficient, because…

Modern and attractive technologies.

Unconstrained page layouts.

Easier to recruit frontend developers easier to recruit.

Fast, so…

An online store with higher conversion rates.

A better SEO due to the speed and followed good practices (Alan KENT from Google says so and quote us).

An improved user experience on mobile and tablet devices.

Open to the outside

All your services stitched together through their API

Composition of different services implementing specific business capabilities over an unique unstable solution.

A PWA and mobile native applications around the corner.

…thus money efficient

Server load decrease

Hiring people without requiring expertise on Magento, increasing the spectrum of opportunities

Lower advertising campaigns rates

Easier and faster theme changes.

Front-Commerce gives you a more ergonomic and faster online shop than your competitors, while facilitating the work of your developers.

Continue to use your usual administration to manage your catalog, your orders, promotions, etc … Front-Commerce takes care of generating the screens of your shop that becomes a PWA!

Front-Commerce retrieves information from your shop via its API and formats it with its own tools. The screens become easier to integrate and faster to use while offering more ergonomic possibilities. With it’s Progressive Web App capabilities, your shop is optimized for mobiles and get the last standards of the web.

Front-Commerce connects quickly to your existing e-commerce CMS! You benefit immediately
an improved shopping experience with the default theme. Then you have to implement your
specific features and to customize your theme.