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Our mission is to enable building smooth, convenient and profitable digital commerce experiences for consumer-centric merchants.

Front-Commerce is a product started in an agency in 2015. It was designed and developed from 2016 to 2018 where the first projects went live. Since then, it got a lot of traction and we splitted the product teams from the agency team and in January 2020, it became a separate company, fully independent.

As a bootstrapped startup, we grew steadily but with happy customers.

In 2021 we plan to accelerate and deliver our promise of building the most performant storefronts for customer-centric merchants.

We're now a team of 5 people:

  • Laurent Lacaze as CEO
  • Pierre Martin as CTO
  • Étienne Zulauf as CFO
  • Julien Pradet as senior fullstack developer
  • Damien Pobel as senior fullstack developer

We plan to grow the tech, sales and marketing team this year with a seed round of financing.


Our corporate and shared values: pragmatism, empathy and commitment to excellence.

But also, customer-centric is a keyword for us. We’re building a product for people who care about other people.
We value people at every level of the project: developers, merchants, marketing… and of course the final user.

As a human-sized company we attach importance to benevolence, communication skills, humility and curiosity.
All these values are not just words, but are at the core of our relationships as a team but also with customers and partners.

We are a distributed team, with members working remotely from Toulouse and Lyon (France - UTC +1).

We welcome people from any location.

Recruitment process for technical role

  1. Contact us by sending an mail with your CV or your complete LinkedIn profile to
  2. Talk to the CEO through a call with our CEO that allows you to learn more about our vision and expectations
  3. Talk to the technical team through a conference call with our technical team that allows to discuss our technical choices, the team and your skills to see how you could fit in our core team
  4. Technical test (~2h) during a live screen sharing of your environment, you will have to work on some code.
    With our CTO and possibly some team members too, you could discuss implementation choices and problem solving.

For non technical people, you will first meet the CEO, then the founders and depending on the role, you will have to build a use case to demonstrate how you could help us to progress and grow.

Open positions

We are currently looking for:


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